About Scholarships

Annually the board of directors will approve a set amount for scholarships. These are available while supply lasts. Due to the financial impacts of COVID, WSAE did not fund scholarships for calendar year 2022 or 2023.

Who can receive scholarship awards: 

Recipients must be executive members in good standing.

How can scholarships be used?

Scholarship funds will be used for the purpose of continuing education administered by WSAE or WSAE partner programs like ASA webinars.

When must the scholarships be used?

Scholarship funds must be used in the same calendar year as requested.

What specific scholarships are available?

  1. WSAE annual award recipients are eligible for a $250 scholarship. 
  2. The award recipient for the WSAE Rising Star receives a complimentary registration to the following WSAE annual convention.
  3. New CAE’s are eligible for a $250 scholarship to use towards WSAE education.
  4. New WSAE members are eligible for a $100 scholarship to use towards WSAE education.
  5. Limited scholarships available based on need.

How to request a scholarship:

Contact Brit@wsaenet.org to inquire.

How are scholarship funds raised?

The silent auction serves as a fundraiser for WSAE, and a portion of the funds raised will be used to support the WSAE scholarship program. Funds donated and specifically earmarked for scholarships will be dedicated to the scholarship program using the established criteria.