WSAE Communities
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  • Diversity/Equity/Inclusion
  • Executive/Governance/Leadership
  • Finance/Legal/Business
  • Professional Development/CAE
  • Marketing/Communications/Publications
  • Meetings/Event/Sponsorship
  • Member Management
  • Government Relations/Advocacy
  • Volunteer-Led Organization

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It's Time for You to Pick Your PIC

To help WSAE offer tailored programming that aligns with your specific interests and preferences, go to your online member profile and designate the Professional Interest Categories aimed at addressing your evolving needs as an association professional, OR email with your preference.

YOUR place to share insights, experiences, and best practices to foster more inclusive and equitable environments in workplaces and communities.

YOUR place to exchange valuable insights, strategies, and experiences, empowering each other to excel in their roles and drive effective governance within their organizations.

YOUR place to contribute knowledge, best practices, and solutions related to financial management, legal compliance, and overall business operations to ensure the success and sustainability organizations.

Professional Development/CAE
YOUR place to cultivate and refine your abilities as a catalyst for growth – enabling you to curate transformative learning experiences and provide enriching, skill-building opportunities for your members. This PIC is also your place to tap into mentorship and resource opportunities to earn or maintain the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation.

YOUR place to amplify organizational messaging and achieve meaningful results through accessing valuable resources related to effective communication, impactful marketing campaigns, and compelling publications.

YOUR place to cultivate the growth of artistic approaches to events, exchange cutting-edge meeting strategies, and delve into proven sponsorship practices to curate unparalleled experiences for both organizations and attendees.

Membership Management
YOUR place for collaborating on enhancing membership engagement, retention, and growth strategies while providing insights into effective management techniques to foster a thriving and connected community of members. 

Government Relations/Advocacy
YOUR place to address methods, strategies, and resources concerning impactful government relations and advocacy initiatives to influence and drive positive change within organizations’ policy-making spheres.

Volunteer-Led Organization
YOUR place to connect and thrive as a leader of a volunteer-led organization – serving as a collaborative hub for you to to exchange ideas, overcome challenges, and amplify your impact through your volunteer-run entity’s commitment to positive change.