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Advocacy competencies essential to managing an association

A. Government Relations

  1. Assess the appropriateness of and need for government relations programs.
  2. Maintain an understanding of laws and regulations related to federal and state Political Action Committees.
  3. Define the government relations agenda consistent with accomplishing advocacy goals.
  4. Implement strategies that adhere to applicable laws and regulations for lobbying and political activity.
  5. Establish an evaluation process for government relations programs.

B. Coalition Building

  1. Establish a vision of coalition building that is flexible and inclusive to advance mutual goals.
  2. Identify opportunities for new coalitions to address emerging issues.
  3. Organize coalitions to address issues of common interest.
  4. Assess the efficacy of each coalition relative to the organization’s advocacy goals.

C. Public Policy

  1. Establish prioritized public policy positions that support the organization’s goals.
  2. Determine strategies to achieve public policy goals.

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Archive: Art of Advocacy

Tuesday October 5, 2021
Kristen Merrifield, CAE, CNAP

Chief Executive Officer,
Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits
Value: 2.0 CAE Credits
Speaker sponsored by Third Sector Company

Kristen is a proven leader across multiple sectors invested in the development and success of others. She has more than 18 years’ experience leading efforts to support community stakeholders, including extensive involvement working with professional associations, Chambers of Commerce and various community and business organizations, both public and private. Kristen holds a BS in Business Management and an MS in Leadership from Grand Canyon University, and she is an active volunteer serving on various business and nonprofit community committees and boards.


1) Learn how to give your association a voice.
2) Learn to work with your organization to establish boundaries around a common voice for diverse people.

Emcee: Brett Hartman, VP at HartManagement
Panelists: Tammie Hetrick, CEO, Washington Food Industry Association and Peter Schrappen, CAE, VP, Government Affairs Director at Northwest Marine Trade Association