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Come join your peers in pursuing excellence in association management.  Become part of the WSAE community.

WSAE membership year is July 1 - June 30.  To join, dues are collected for the full rate for year one, and will be pro-rated in year two based on your actual join date.

Member Categories


Association Executives or Management Companies

Regular Member ($275/year) 
Extended to chief executive officers of a nonprofit association, principals of an association management company, or first professional staff member from a nonprofit association or association management company.

Regular Staff Member ($155/year) 
Available to professional staff members of a nonprofit association or association management company that has at least one Regular Member.

Association Corporate Memberships ($720 up to 8 members; $1,160 includes 9-12 members; $1,700 includes 13-16 members)
Contact WSAE member services to join at these special rates so that we can customize your plan.
Open to nonprofit associations or association management companies who prefer to pay a single membership fee to cover a designated number of staff members. Dues are on a sliding scale based on number of staff joining WSAE.

Suppliers, Vendors, Consultants

Associate Member ($325/year)
Extended to suppliers, vendors, consultants, etc., who market to WSAE members, have interests in the association management profession, are engaged in related activities, or others who support and objectives and purposes of the association.

Associate Staff Member ($155/year)
Extended to individuals employed by a supplier, vendor, consultant, etc, who has at least one Associate Member.

Additional Categories

Affiliate Member ($60 per year)
Available to out-of-state association executives who are full members of another state society of association executives.

How to Join

Are you considering becoming a member of the Washington Society of Association Executives?

For information on the benefits of being a member check out the Membership Benefits page. Or, call us at (360) 859-0956 so we can answer your membership questions.