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The WSAE Forum is a members' only listserv.  The forum consistently rates among WSAE's top member benefits.  

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Subject lines from the archive of our forum questions:   

  • Sample Emergency/Disaster Plans
  • Survey Use of Finance Committees at WA State Membership Associations
  • Do you tip charter bus drivers?
  • Association Website RFP Available    
  • CPA for non-profits
  • Associations - Research Database-Web Platforms
  • Request for job descriptions for continuing education staff 
  • Survey for WA Association Executives on Nonprofit Board Leadership Recruitment    
  • Request for Information - Exhibit Marketing and Branding Speaker    
  • Improv Groups for Association Retreats
  • Glenn Tecker coming to Washington
  • Your Help Needed with WA Society of Assn Executives Award Nominations    
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